Thursday, 24 September 2009

The time has come for us to make a stand and do the right thing for our Country, before we have no Country left.

I have been told many times, if I lived in a Muslim Country, because of their views, I would be separated from my head, because of my views. My views are not extremist views, just ordinary views. I believe we should be treated equally, men and women a like, that's all.

But, Muslim views and beliefs do not concern me, because I am not in a Muslim Country, I am in Britain, a Christian Country, at least it was, the last time I checked!

What does however, concern me is, while reading about what is really going on here in Britain, being not just promoted by our Government and their counterparts, but being forced down our throats, and in checking all the statistics by all accounts, it will not be long, believe it or not before we are living in a Muslim Country and being ruled by some fundamental extremist dictatorship.

Imagine what it would be like, can you, even in your wildest nightmares? I will explain it. We would have to abide by Sharia law, which is the Muslim way. Failure to do so would result in us being subjected to the most horrific punishments which include, stoning, amputation's and be-heading. Millions of us British Christian citizens would be chasing our rolling heads.

We would have the strictest of worship/prayer time imposed on us. We would have to adhere to the strictest of dress codes, or face the brutal consequences.

In fact we would see all of our own basic human rights disappear overnight to be replaced with the rules and regulations of the extreme fundamentalists.

Our children would no longer be free to express themselves, they would no longer be free to choose who they would marry and they would no longer be free to have a say in the size of the family they wanted. All free choices would disappear overnight to be replaced by the choices and demands of the Islamic Dictator in charge.

Week by week, month by month and year by year, the ongoing Islamification of the United Kingdom is taking place right under our very noses and it is being aided by the Labour government while being promoted by the Conservative party and the Liberal Democrats.

These guilty parties combined have managed to almost destroy our Country, whilst promoting this takeover by the Islamic fundamentalists. They have been much too busy looking after their own material lives, and we all know how good they are at that, to lift a finger to do the right thing for their citizens, the very citizens who put them in their position of power. The citizens who have been ripped off time and time again. They have stood by and encouraged this takeover to the extent of almost phasing out our very Christian identity.

While they have gorged themselves at our expense, while their henchmen have proceeded to put their jackboots on our necks, our very own existence is being eroded and the majority of us did'nt even see it coming.

Enoch Powell made a statement in 1968 or was it a prediction, a prediction of things to come, he was of course correct. But instead of the Government taking heed, they chose instead to crucify him. 40 years later, we are all paying the price for this complacency. Maybe complacency is not the correct word to use, downright sabotage of the British Christian culture would probably be closer to the truth.

Throughout the UK, in almost every city, the invasion is rampant, the power struggle is ongoing. When I watch news footage and video clips of Muslim militants protesting on the streets of Britain, chanting death to us all who insult Islam, respecting none of us, abusing us, our property, our Police force I ask you how long are we going to allow this to happen on our very own streets. Are we powerless to protect ourselves? There are laws in place that actually protect these thugs, the very same laws being used to discriminate against us, by refraining us from defending ourselves against these attacks.

These militants are permitted to publicly threaten death to us and still they remain free. We allowed them to reside here, we made them welcome, gave them the best education money could buy, we supplied them with houses, benefits, health care, child care and how do they repay us? I will answer that myself. By the cold blooded murder of our citizens. But if we make a statement saying that we believe Islam is wrong then we run a very high risk of being arrested and charged with some ridiculous charge. The law which is supposed to treat us all equally, is actually being used as a stick to beat us with, in favour of these anti Christian extremist groups

How did we, the British Christian people allow ourselves to sleepwalk our way into almost extinction? Because that's just exactly what we have done. Was it complacency, were we naive, or were we just so moderate or afraid that the rest of the world might see us as a racist nation? Well look where our moderation has brought us. We are now faced with a choice and no one can save us but ourselves and it is now that we must do the right thing.

There is only one hope for us now and only one party that can save us. We must face up to the fact that our moderate ways and our moderate parties have landed us somewhere where we probably never believed we could be and that my friends is on the doorstep of hell. Well moderation like everything else is only good in small doses. We the British public have been overdosing on moderation for over 40 years and its literally killing us.

Do we have the resolve to fight back now at this time, the 11th hour, and bring our country back from the brink of disaster.

Take a few moments to think about it. You do not have to take my word for it. All the evidence is out there on the internet for you to view freely, well it is for now anyway, while we remain a democratic country. I cannot however, say that you will have the same freedom in a few years time if we allow ourselves to slip further and further towards the gates of hell.

Read about it yourselves, make up your own minds, but do the right thing.

If your not willing to do it for yourselves then at least do it for your children. Check out your choices today and see who is out there asking for YOUR help to save YOUR country.
You need to look with different eyes and think with different minds.
Save yourselves, save your children, your beliefs and your Christianity and VOTE.

There is only one Party, who will save us from this invasion. Only one Party who will save us from the European Union, who are hell bent on forcing their rules and regulations down our necks while we continue to pay £40 million per day just to stay members. Money we can not afford, money that is being given away to third world countries while we suffer in silence.